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Download Tai thang klom (2015) DVDRip All Subtitles

 Download Tai thang klom (2015) DVDRip All Subtitles –

The Snow White / Tai thang klom / ตายทั้งกลม
Source: taithangklom-seeingmole
Release Date: April 05, 2015 (Thailand)
Genre: Horror, Action, Science Fiction
Quality: DVDRip
Encoder: ravenspider-imm
Synopsis: Ghost Taitaggklm is styled ghost of a woman who died
with the baby is said that the ghost is a ghost Taitaggklm most
ferocious mythical ghost Thailand. But there are so many people willing
to risk their sacred burial ghost Taitaggklm. With the belief that Oil
from the body can make a woman fall in love. And the body of the fetus,
it can help inspire them to succeed in life, “Yong” (Freud Nattakorn
Pong national race) young students who aspire to succeed in school and
“outspoken” (Off. the University Mall), a young girl longing for love.
Taitaggklm one woman was illegally autopsy. I want a baby and body oils
from the body by the cooperation of the “Golf” (Tob hyperbole Valley,
New South wise Noonan) and “product” (a general golden persimmons)
morgue of the hospital staff. But instead Yong Tong and to fulfill the
requirements. Both were based on phantom Taitaggklm life. The fanatical
hatred that had even golf corpse abuse is not taking anything away from
the body. It is also not immune to the curse Faced with haunted Brutal
than one would expect, “O” (Nanny Pat Noonan great aura) pretty young
minds. The fiancee of golf Has decided courage Quest for a way to stop
this resentment of their captors. To rescue people But ordinary girl
alone Oh, absolutely. How to protect her fiancé …

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Indonesia, English
Download Movie: Tai thang klom (2015) DVDRip-x254-RAVENSPIDER-IMM.mkv

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